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Soothing Christmas Bundle

Soothing Christmas Bundle

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Heartbeat Panda:

  • SOOTHING TOY: This adorable plush panda is the perfect friend to have as part of your bedtime routine as you calm your baby down after a busy day whilst helping them feel safe and secure
  • SOFT SOUNDS: Soothing Heart Panda has 4 different calming and tranquil lullabies that can be heard by pressing the panda's tummy. For a soothing effect, the panda's heart softly glows on and off
  • BABY SENSORY PLAY: Each song this soft plush panda plays is accompanied by a vibration synced to the rhythm of a mother’s resting heartbeat, perfect for your wind downtime with your baby
  • QUIET HEARTBEAT: If you press Soothing Heart Pandas tummy a fifth time, your baby can feel the vibration and soothing sound of a heartbeat: the perfect white noise to a baby’s ear


Puffaboo Elephant:

  • EARN AND EXPERIENCE: This developmental toy supports early learning for your baby whilst having fun, including playful features like the elephant's cover-up ears ready for a game of peek-a-boo
  • BABY SENSORY PLAY: There's plenty for little hands to explore with the delightful squeak, and a gentle puff of air from the trunk can quickly turn tears into giggles.
  • TACTILE TOY: This soft elephant toy features multiple textures ideal for encouraging your baby's tactile stimulation. With high contrast patterns, bright colours and a squeaker, this baby toy is sure to keep little ones entertained
  • DEVELOPMENTAL TOY: This learning toy suits your baby's needs as they grow while stimulating their visual senses and aiding in the growth of fine motor skills and tactile development
  • MADE BY LAMAZE: It’s Time to Play! There’s no better way to share your love, bond with your child, and help them feel secure. All our baby toys are created through dedicated research to create that spark of development


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